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- the period of physical and psychological growth between childhood and adulthood.

Physical Changes
  • Physical Growth
  • Puberty is sexual maturation.
Changes in Thinking
  • Rationalization - realizing why he/she recieved the given outcomes or consequences
Moral Development
  • Seeing a situation from another person's viewpoint.
Personality Changes & Identity Formation
  • Identity crisis - a time of storm and stress during which they worry intensly about who they are.

Drugs and Peer Pressure
  • Most teens try the use of drugs and this short period represents a time of testing the limits which are results of "at home" lifestyles.

How to Drug & Alcohol "Proof" Children
external image HM36~Drugs-Are-Bad-Posters.jpg
Prevent teenage drug abuse
Prevent teenage drug abuse

Unsolicited peer pressure is not the major variable contributing to adolescent drug abuse. Psychologically disturbed adolescents, wanting drugs, look for certain groups who support drug use.

Normal Adolescent Behaviors

Movement Towards Independence
  • Struggle with sense of identity
  • Feeling awkward or strange about one's self and one's body
  • Focus on self, alternating between high expectations and poor self- concept
  • Interests and clothing style influenced by peer group
  • Moodiness
  • Improved ability to use speech to express one's self
  • Realization that parents are not perfect; identification of their faults
  • Less overt affection shown to parents, with occasional rudeness
  • Complaints that parents interfere with independence
  • Tendency to return to childish behavior, particularly when stressed

Future Interests and Cognitive Changes
  • Mostly interested in present, limited thoughts of future
  • Intellectual interests expand and gain in importance
  • Greater ability to do work (physical, mental, emotional)

Morals, Values, and Self-Direction
  • Rule and limit testing
  • Capacity for abstract thought
  • Development of ideals and selection of role models
  • More consistent evidence of conscience
  • Experimentation with sex and drugs (cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana)

A graph showing students who skip with students who don't.
academic attainment by truancy
academic attainment by truancy

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